What Smells Repel Birds

Though most birds are not considered as parasites but they can become a serious problem when their population gets out if control. They are pleasant and lovely to have around if they are not destroying gardens or making messes of the home. Sometimes, one of huge problems garden owners face are the birds that love to eat seeds and pick away at the growing plants in the garden, and if this act is left unchecked, the birds can quickly destroy a newly developing garden.

Apart from destroying of gardens, birds create unwanted messes and can become a huge nuisance. The feces of birds can make a bad mess on the sides of buildings, sidewalks, or vehicles. Probably you are tired of bird infestation of your home or garden and you are looking for the effective smell repellents to get rid of them as soon as possible, below are the smells that can repel birds from taking over your property:


One of the most effective smells that can deter birds from the home or garden is the peppermint oil.  It is a great solution to repel birds due to its offensive odor; it smells nice to humans while it smells harshly to birds. To use this, simply get vinegar, drops of lemon oil, drop of peppermint oil and mix all together with a cup of water. Soak cotton balls in this mixture and spray it around the places where birds have constituted a nuisance around your home or garden. It is important to note that for more effectiveness, you need to re-spray the mixture as soon as you notice the smell is gradually fading off.


One of the best natural ways to repel bird through smell is the use of garlic oil; this is because the strong odor from garlic is unpleasant to the birds. Apart from repelling birds, garlic oil is economically affordable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly way to control birds. It can also help you repel other pests like squirrels, therefore providing your home or garden with extra layer of protection. To prepare this, simply get a glass jar, peel of the garlic from the cloves and crush it. Place the peeled garlic inside a glass jar, pour olive oil too, and then close the jar lid and shake together to form a mixture. Place the mixture in a spray bottle, then spray it around the home or garden, the aroma from it will drive birds away quickly.


Cayenne pepper also has the smell that most birds cannot resist; it is interesting to know that many different birds cannot stand the smell of cayenne pepper. This is because it hits the olfactory nerves of the birds so hard which makes them to avoid it, as much as it repel birds, it also repels other pests too which makes it a double advantage.  To prepare this mixture, just pour water into a large bowl. Add cayenne pepper and liquid dish soap and stir vigorously to ensure the pepper is thoroughly mixed together, and allow the mixture to settle down overnight. The following day, stir the mixture again, then pour the liquid into a spray bottle and be ready to start spraying. 

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