Mole Deterrents

Moles are insectivores (insect-eating pest) and underground wildlife pest that may be tricky to spot and at the same time difficult to get rid of.  They are harmful lawn pests that feed on garden pest and dig holes in the yard or garden.

One of the ways to know if a mole has invaded your property is through their tunnels, they also tend to bring up dirt out that causes large mounds around the tunnel throughout the surroundings of your home.

Moles can be annoying pests for most homeowners. This is because their tunneling can cause serious havoc on lawns by uprooting plants and flowers, they are also know to transmit deadly diseases like rabies.

Even though, deterring moles can be a serious task, but below are the natural ways to deter them from coming closer:


Coffee grounds is one of the substances that can repel moles due to its strong smell. To use the coffee ground effectively, you just need to sprinkle the grounds all over your lawns or garden. Locate an active hole and spread it there too, it is highly effective and the moles wont come back to that spot again unless the grounds has dissipated into the soil. Repeat this routine daily until the moles are gone finally, also every 2 weeks to repel them from coming back again.


It is a known fact that moles can dig deeply, therefore a regular privacy fence might not be effective in keeping them out. Meanwhile, smaller barriers around specific areas like your gardens can keep the moles from digging up the roots and grass. To use this barrier, it must be at least 30 inches deep, and about 5 to 6 inches out of the ground. You can use the following materials as the barrier: wire mesh, wire cages, gravel.


Moles generally prefer loamy soil and areas that is moist because its easier for them to dig through it, and also the abundance of grubs and worms in such places. Therefore, making the soil in the yard unattractive will keep them away faster, and discourage others from coming too. One of the ways to carry this out is by; using lawn rollers to pack away loose soil and replace them with clay or gravel, and avoidance of over-watering the law to keep the moisture levels to the minimum.


One of the effective ways of deterring moles is by using traps. The traps are best set during early spring (being the most favorable time) when they are most active and when the females are usually pregnant. The traps should be placed near their tunnel because they have a natural instinct to clear anything obstructing their tunnels. After trapping them, you can now release them to the wild.


Moles are naturally sensitive to noises, especially loud noises. Therefore, placing natural noise making devices like wind chimes around your yard is a good way of deterring the annoying critters to leave. You can also turn on a radio; put it into a Ziploc bag and place it near the entry and exit points of the moles tunnel.

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